PayTeck's line of quality Starter Interrupt devices is a new method of ensuring payment for cars and equipment from customers who may have a less-than-perfect credit rating. It is a controller that allows you to disable the starter function of the vehicle in the case of delinquent payments.


PayTeck, celebrating over 18 years in the Starter Interrupt business, offers the potential to increase sales. The segment of credit risk customers has skyrocketed over the last several years. The addition of PayTeck controllers provides added protection and control to help you make sales targets and improve the bottom line at the same time.


With PayTeck, the vehicles starter is automatically shut down if payment is delinquent. This gives you, the dealer, the element of control you have lacked in the past. Vehicle operation is based solely upon consistent customer payment.

With PayTeck you can:

•  Reduce staff collecting and increase staff selling
•  Reduce default rates and lower repo expenses
•  Improve receivables and profitability
•  Secure your investment with an anti-theft device paid for by the customer
•  Put the responsibility back on the customer with a completely customer-operated system

To increase your sales, improve your accounts receivables and return the responsibility of timely payments to the customer, call us today at: (440) 816-0353.